OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH God is based on holiness and therefore starts with repentance.  All our questions, reasons, excuses, and conditions are answered in this.  Without a heart after God, one cannot please Him, nor enter His presence.  Without a heart made ready for God by repentance, our ability to understand anything about God, or to receive answers for our questions, is almost nil.  And, with sin in our life, one cannot enter into the presence of Almighty God.  If even a speck of unrighteousness exists in us we are completely and eternally separated from God we are damned.

Righteousness cannot be earned; it is a gift from God.  This most precious of all gifts was purchased for us by the only One able to do so - Jesus, the spotless Son of God.  Read on, to learn how to receive His unspeakable gift - the gift of righteousness from God Himself!

GOD TELLS us in His Word, the Bible, of four steps to peace with Him. You can take these steps immediately, and know peace with God, beginning EVEN NOW! These aren't, "steps," as much as they are explanations of commitments to God that are essential if you are to become a child of God and know you have salvation.

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